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The Game has Changed!

The most competitive, strategic, controversial, smack talking card game in the history of humanity now officially has it's own deck, The Game of Spades®

The GREATE DEBATE is officially over! All GOS decks feature a very distinctive small and large painting of the ancient Egyptian King Tutankhamun accented with (1) $ sign on the little-joker followed by (2) $$ on the big-joker as seen below making it very obvious which is which!

Fit for a King/Queen

Check out some of our latest GOSA designs!

Spades 101

Still can't play Spades? Spades 101 is a series of videos you can watch to learn how to play in 10 minutes or less!

Tune In!

Want to Partner with us?

The Game of Spades® is always looking for partnership opportunities as we continue to grow and build our brand. If your company has any interest in working with us on product collaborations and/or events related to our products and services send us an email info@thegameofspades.com