The Game of Spades

The Game of Spades "Expert" Deck

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The Game of Spades® "Expert" Deck is the deck all Spades players have been waiting for! This premium playing card deck has all 54 standard cards allowing the deck to be used for any card game, but has been specifically designed for playing Spades! 

Wondering which joker is which is a thing of the past, and the trump suit Spades has a very distinct look from the other suits.  All 12 court cards have their own unique original designs and colors going away from the traditional European court we most often see. 

The tuck box is one of a kind! It is produced on a soft matte black art card stock topped with an elegant gold foil design. 

This deck is printed on a professional casino quality 310gsm paper stock with a linen finish making for a more durable card with a clean look.

The Tuck Box

  • Black art card stock
  • Soft elegant feel
  • Gold Foiling
  • Spades in 12 languages
  • Made in the USA

The Cards

  • 54 Standard playing cards
  • 100% unique card design
  • Custom labeled Jokers
  • Spades suit has distinctive gold pips
  • Professional Casino quality stock
  • 310gsm linen finish
  • Printed in the USA by USPCC