The Game of Spades

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Attempting to learn how to play SPADES is one of the most troublesome tasks there is as a modern age adult. You’re often ridiculed for not knowing how to play by your friends and family, the internet is filled with very long and complicated explanations, and trying to learn while a game is going on… FORGET ABOUT IT! Well lucky for you I have taken the time to put together the most comprehensive guide there is to learn and understand The Game of Spades once and for-all!

Learning how to play SPADES should not be a long boring read. This E-book provides a very clean breakdown of the most important concepts you need to understand when learning how to play the game with supporting videos for a visual overview of certain concepts.

With this guide, you will now be ready to jump on the next SPADES table with confidence, finally taking part in the card flying, smack talking game millions of people across the world currently enjoy!