The Game of Spades

1st Anniversary "Expert" Deck LIMITED EDITION

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* This deck will not be re-produced / re-stocked.

For the 1st Anniversary "Expert" Deck we decided to bring our existing iconic court to life with amazing visual re-creations of what the existing two dimensional characters would actually look like! Each court card features a truly unique design focusing on recreating the garments of the court from our original "Expert" Deck.

♠️ All 52 cards have been re-mastered for a one-of-a-kind LIMITED EDITION look signifying the 1st Anniversary of our "Expert" Deck.

  • Black soft touch tuck stock
  • Upgraded Premium card stock
  • Custom "1st Anniversary" pips
  • 12 completely unique court cards
  • 4 Custom Aces
  • All 52 cards remastered
  • Custom Big & Little Joker
  • Iconic "Gold" pip for the SPADES suit
  • Actual "Deuce of Spades" & "Deuce of Diamonds" added as extra cards 

♠️ DETAILS, DETAILS, DETAILS!....We spared no time or expense for the details that went into creating this one of kind LIMITED EDITION deck.