The Game of Spades

The Game of Spades® "Beginner Deck" + FREE e-book

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The classic card game Spades now has it's own OFFICIAL deck to learn and play the game, The Game of Spades™ 

The Game of Spades™ is the most comprehensive and traditional way there is to play Spades. The "Beginner Deck" is perfect for learning how to play spades as it includes game-play instructions and a glossary of important terms. The Game of Spades™ "Beginner Deck" solves all the conventional problems that exist with trying to get a Spades game going with friends and family. The jokers are very distinct so no more arguments over which is which?!  The deuces we usually remove (deuce of clubs & deuce of hearts) are already gone, and the spades suit is black & gold! All decks are printed on a premium card stock ensuring the deck will last for some time!

  • Bridge size cards

  • Includes playing instructions and rules

  • MISSING 2 of hearts and 2 of clubs from deck